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how to make Winter Makeup tips Cute and Cosy

how to make Winter Makeup tips Cute and Cosy

how to make Winter Makeup tips Cute and Cosy

make Winter Makeup tips Cute today I’m going to tell you. how to make Winter Makeup tips cute and cozy winter makeup look. So if you want to see how to get it then. So first off all you using this Smash box primer. To make your makeup last all day. long and then you using this L’Oreal magic Lumi primer. Which is perfect for winter because it makes his skin look bright and suicidal of people skin. Including you own son to get really dry during the winter. So that works really well for that next step you using the baby glow Foundation by girl. I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that right. But this Foundation is awesome. It’s super light and moisturizing but still has awesome coverage. And you guys are probably really happy. that you using a different foundations in the foundation stick that I always use. So yeah that’s really good. And you just blending in with your beauty blender as always. how to make Winter Makeup tips Cute and Cosy

winter makeup tips for dry skin Cute and Cosy

how to make Winter Makeup tips Cute

Next moving straight into the eyes you just driving using my Bobbi Brown corrector cream and then. I like to use the brake flush buy Milani color luminoso I’ll just use that as a transition shade even if I’m not using any eyes hadows because it just adds the perfect amount of warmth and dimension to the look the matter what you’re going for then you’ve created a thick line. And when using my makeup forever cream liner. Just to give that the light effect which is basically what we’re going for today. And then killing the lashes and of course applying loads with this car up to add to the wide-eyed effect And how to make Winter Makeup tips Cute and Cosy

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how to make Winter Makeup tips Cute and Cosy

you only want to take your eyeliner halfway and as this is going to make sure that your eyes look structured but not too squished together.


Next time just using at this Ivory pencil by elf to highlight my brow bone and then you going to blame that I’m using my finger.

Lately something you’ve been loving doing is applying eye cream before putting on your concealer. And I just put this on because like I said sometimes get really dry and dull. During the winter times this is a good way to Winter Makeup make sure that your skin still looks bright and soft and definitely not cakey.

4 consider you guys have pointed this out before but what you using is actually not consider it. The foundation it’s the Maybe lline instant Age Rewind foundation and they. Do have a consumer version of this but I like to use the foundation version just because I honestly think it has more product than the Consumer version

So next up to take away any extra stickiness. You using your cell Pressed Powder Puff on this is really good. Because it make sure to set your Winter Makeup But it doesn’t make you look cakey and it definitely. Doesn’t move around any of the product that you just worked really hard to put on your face.

Next you just using your Nars lip pencil and Roman.  you have to give it a try if you haven’t already been over top of that.

Using it this Too Faced lipstick in the shade coffee which is like a candy baby pink color. And its really girly and pretty for blush. You decided on this light pink slightly sparkly hey. Dan this is actually a cool song blessed by 2face as well. And  just applying that to the tops of my cheeks.